DIR Data Center Services Consolidated Infrastructure for Texas State Agencies 

Data Center Services Program Overview 

Program Background and Organization

In 2005, the 79th Legislature initiated a program to merge the data centers of 28 Texas state agencies into two consolidated data centers located in Austin and San Angelo (See Texas Govt Code 2054 and HB 1516 for legislation information).

With the goal of upgrading technology, increasing security, and reaping economies of scale, the legislature directed DIR to contract for data center services on behalf of the state. This allowed the state to employ an enterprise program approach that would improve management of major technology infrastructure projects and promote efficient and effective data center operations. To fulfill Legislative direction, DIR formed the Data Center Services (DCS) program.

In July 2012, the state adopted a Multi-Sourcing Integrator (MSI) service model for data center services that provides flexibility, accountability, monitoring tools, and cost transparency, enabling participating agencies to manage their use of the DCS program.

The MSI role is designed to deliver the industry’s best tools, processes and program management over the five DCS technology services: Server, Mainframe, Network, Data Center and Print/Mail.  The services are provided by Service Component Providers (SCP) and managed by the MSI.

Capgemini serves as the MSI. Capgemini’s role is to integrate and manage the services of the SCPs for the program.  Capgemini also provides service level management, service desk support, program management, business continuity, disaster recovery testing and planning, and financial management.

Xerox State and Local Services, formerly ACS, delivers infrastructure services for mainframes, servers, networks and data center operations. A separate contract with Xerox Corporation provides bulk printing and mailing services.

Key Program Elements

Data Centers Consolidation

The consolidation effort brings together server, mainframe, and print and mail data center services in a way that promotes upgrades in technology, disaster recovery, and security in two centralized locations.

Managed Services

The DCS program enables state agencies to access data center computing as a managed service. State agencies are able to pay for the amount of services used, rather than owning hardware, software, and hiring staff to operate and maintain IT infrastructure at an individual agency level.

Shared Governance

The DCS program uses a shared governance model that engages customer agencies at all levels of decision making. Customer agencies are divided into five partner groups that choose representatives to serve on governance committees and solution groups. This approach enables standardization and encourages communication across the enterprise.

Multivendor Model

Datacenter services for mainframes, servers, networks, print and mail, and data center operations are provided by multiple service component providers under the coordination of a single services integrator.  The services integrator acts to standardize processes and to provide service level management, service desk support, project management, disaster recovery, and financial management services.

Additional Information

DIR Fees

DIR provides contract management and oversight functions for the DCS contracts, including serving as a liaison and escalation point between customer agencies and the service providers, interpreting the contracts on behalf of the state, and processing invoices and payments. DIR has Interagency Contracts (IACs) with participating agencies covering the services and terms of the relationship between the customer agencies and DIR. DIR charges a fee of 2.95% of the customer’s monthly invoice (service provider charges) to recover costs associated with managing the program.

Send questions about DCS fees to datacenterservices@dir.texas.gov.

General Inquiries

For general inquiries or to provide feedback about any DIR program or service, use our general information access line: 1-855-ASK-DIR1 (1-855-275-3471).