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How to Become a Vendor with DIR’s Cooperative Contracts Program 

DIR administers the cooperative contracts program for the state. DIR puts master contracts in place for technology products and services at discounted prices. If you are interested in becoming a DIR vendor, you will first need to respond to an RFO that corresponds to your company's core products and services and then be awarded a contract through that process.  Please note that DIR does not maintain a list of approved vendors nor do we assign vendors a "DIR number".  All DIR contracted vendors follow the same RFO process and need to be awarded a contract through that process in order to obtain a contract with the state.

DIR posts all open RFOs on the Current Contracting Initiatives page and we recommend checking this page frequently for updates.

Additionally, if you are registered with the Texas Comptroller's Centralized Master Bidder's List (CMBL), you may be notified via email of all state RFO postings.  Vendors are not required to be on the CMBL in order to be awarded a DIR contract.  More information on this process is provided below. 

Read below for information on how to become a vendor with DIR as well as obtain information about state bidding opportunities. If, after reviewing this page, you still have questions or need additional information, please read more about our contracting process or contact us.

Also see Vendor FAQs.

Prime Vendors

A prime vendor is any vendor that is awarded and holds a master contract with DIR. A prime vendor can either be a Manufacturer/Publisher or an authorized reseller of the Manufacturer/Publisher.

Prime vendors can also name resellers for their products/services under their master contract. 

How to Become a Prime Vendor

  • Check the Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) and the list of Current Contracting Initiatives on our website to see current Requests for Offers (RFOs). Vendors registered on the Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL) for those class and item codes for which we are soliciting will be notified of bid opportunities by email. It is the vendor’s responsibility to find all notices. Check back often.
  • Submit your RFO response to DIR. We then evaluate all responses received and determine which vendors offer the best value for our customers. The highest scoring vendors are then invited to negotiate. Contracts will be awarded to one or more vendors.
  • Prime vendors wishing to name resellers for their contract should list these resellers on their HUB Subcontracting plan in their RFO response. Prime vendors can amend their list of resellers at any time by updating their HUB subcontracting plan. NOTE: resellers can sell only the product/services awarded under the Prime Vendor’s contract.

How to Become a Reseller for a Prime Vendor

  • Go to Co-op products and services search and browse for potential partners.
  • Confirm that the products and services you offer align with the contract offering. NOTE: New products and services are added only through the RFO process and cannot arbitrarily be added to the prime vendor’s contract.
  • Contact the prime vendor and negotiate directly. NOTE: This process is handled exclusively between you and the prime vendor.
  • Once the prime vendor submits a request to us to add you as a reseller and we have approved that request, then our contract manager will add you to the website.

For HUB Vendors

We encourage Historically Underutilized Business (HUBs) and Minority and Women Business Enterprise vendors to participate in our RFO process as described above.

Additional information on our HUB program is available. For information on the Statewide HUB Program and to learn how to become a HUB, visit the Comptroller of Public Accounts Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS) Division or contact them by phone at (512) 463-4000.

What We Expect From Our Vendors

  • Your best prices. We expect to receive deep discounts off the list price, based on the state’s anticipated volume purchasing.
  • Across the board discounts. Discounts will apply to all of our customers, regardless of size, which means that a small agency receives the same discounts that a large agency receives.
  • Further discounts for volume purchases. Customers who purchase large quantities should be able to negotiate even deeper discounts.
  • Prompt and courteous customer service. We expect hassle-free customer service when customers request quotes, require expedited service or need to return items.

What Our Vendors Can Expect From Us

  • Save time and money. Our vendors rarely need to respond to individual bid invitations or negotiate contracts because we have already completed the competitive bid process required by the state.
  • Get access to our large and growing customer base. All state agencies, cities, counties and other local governments, public school districts and public colleges and universities are eligible to purchase through the Co-op Contracts program.
  • Gain public sector business development opportunities. Once you are awarded a contract, you have the potential to expand your business with our customer base. You will also have the opportunity to market your product/services at DIR-sponsored tradeshows and gain exposure through our website. 

Learn More About State Bidding Opportunities

For More Information

Learn more about our contracting process.

See the Vendor Protest Procedure for step-by-step instructions for formal protest during solicitation, evaluation, or award of a contract by the Texas Department of Information Resources. 

For questions, please contact DIR or consult the complete list of Cooperative Contracts contacts.