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Initiative Summary 

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Texas Project Delivery Framework

Systems Development Best Practices Initiative Summary

Policy Domain: Applications/Systems Development
Focus Area: Enterprise/Online Applications, Local Applications

Action Type: Advisory Review Reference: ASD-EOA-A-28
Timeframe: Apr - Aug 2005
Contact: Roslyn Hotard

Short Description
Develop best practices for the complete life cycle of a project, establishing specific review points and agency management approvals necessary to proceed to the next phase in the project.

The ACE Application subcommittee identified a gap in the Texas Project Delivery Framework (Framework) tools for Phase II. The subcommittee developed specific components of Software Development Life Cycle tools, but due to Phase II time constraints, did not develop Systems Development Life Cycle tools.

The purpose of developing systems development life cycle tools is to ensure that guidance is available to agencies for systems development.

The benefit of this initiative is delivery of quality systems through use of the systems development life cycle tools.

This initiative will result in best practices for development of systems based on a multi-step process that includes investigation of initial requirements, analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance. The best practices should communicate a distinction between Software Development Life Cycle information and Systems Development Life Cycle information.

Key Milestones, Checkpoints and Deliverables

Item Date 
Distribution of Policy Email Discussion List Soliciting Participation in the Systems Development Workgroup
April 7, 2005
Finalize Prioritized Systems Development Best Practices List
April 20, 2005
Workgroup Review of System Development Life Cycle templates
May 2005
Workgroup Review of Systems Development Review Processes and Checklists
July 2005
Publish Systems Development Best Practices for Review
August 2005

Opportunities for Community Involvement
DIR will solicit volunteers from state agencies to participate in a Systems Development Workgroup. The workgroup will finalize and prioritize a list of Systems Development Best Practices products to be integrated with the Phase II deliverables developed by the ACE Application subcommittee. Workgroup sessions will be held to formulate and discuss content of products and to provide feedback on drafts prepared by DIR.

Anticipated Outcomes
System Requirements Document template, System Design Document template, Review Processes, and Checklists for life cycle activities (requirements, design, testing, coding, physical configuration audit, and deployment readiness assessment).

Related Information
Existing Quality Assurance (QA) Guidelines minimally address guidance for systems development
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