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Project Financial Life Cycle Extension 

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December 31, 2012

The Project Financial Life Cycle (PFLC) Extension addresses integration of project financial practices with other practices (e.g., state budget appropriations, Governmental Accounting Standards Board – GASB) executed throughout a project life cycle. The extension promotes a common understanding of various financial activities, including how agencies create complementary project financial practices. 

Project Financial Life Cycle Tools

Information about file formats.

Deliverable Description Tools
Life Cycle
Guide 1.1
Provides direction on using and tailoring the Texas Project Delivery Framework (Framework) Project Financial Life Cycle Extension toolset. Guide (PDF, 380 KB)
Life Cycle 
Glossary 1.0
Provides common understanding of terms and acronyms used in the Project Financial Life Cycle Extension. • Glossary (PDF, 355 KB)
Cost Mapping Worksheet
(Business Case Workbook)
Estimates the Information Technology Detail (ITD) costs based on the business case costs to clarify the relationship of the business case costs to the ITD costs Workbook (XLSM, 187 KB) – see Cost Mapping worksheet tab
Information Worksheet (Business Case Workbook)
Provides a blank, free-form worksheet for agencies to include any additional information that is helpful.

• Workbook (XLSM, 187 KB) – see Additional Agency Information worksheet tab


The Project Financial Life Cycle Extension was developed in partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission (lead agency), the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Health and Human Services Commission, and the Office of the Attorney General.

For more information about the Project Financial Life Cycle Extension, contact projectdelivery@dir.texas.gov.