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Strategy 1.3 – Leverage the State's Purchasing Power 

State agencies have accomplished many successful IT initiatives during this past biennium. Selected agency projects are highlighted below.

Agency Spotlights: Product and Services Portfolio Expansion



Department of Aging and Disability Services

DADS is actively increasing its use of DIR Deliverables-Based Information Technology Services (DBITS) contracts and uses other contracts and services through the DIR Cooperative Contracts program to acquire software, hardware, equipment, and services needed to meet core agency business needs. The agency also participates in the HHS Enterprise Subscription Agreement (ESA) with Microsoft for desktop software, shares legacy applications such as CARE, SAVERR, and TIERS with other HHS agencies, and plans to expand its use of the Avatar Client Records System also used by DSHS and maintained by HHSC.

Executive Council of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Examiners

ECPTOTE performs due diligence with all technology purchases by soliciting pricing from multiple approved commodity vendors and negotiating on an ad-hoc basis. At this point, the agency has not had the need to engage with vendors using the not-to-exceed method of pricing. The agency benefits from the cooperative contracts program with higher level of negotiating expertise, monetary savings, and reduced staff time, along with more rapid delivery of goods and services.

Texas Education Agency

TEA leverages the seat management services procured through the DIR cooperative contracts. The agency currently has 1,350 computer devices and full support (maintenance, workstation software support, and onsite assistance) under contract. Services include 36-month workstation leases and 24-month lease of laptops, replaced at the end of the term. The agency will work with DIR as it renews seat management contracts with the service providers in 2010.

TEA procures and renews most workstation software through the DIR cooperative contracts. TEA purchases DCS-exempted server software when available, through DIR contracts.

Texas State Board of Pharmacy

TSBP continues to evaluate potential collaborative efforts and expand successful joint efforts like shared regulatory and imaging systems. Messaging and web services are also prime candidates to be leveraged as shared resources. TSBP will monitor DIR contract developments as it enhances its delivery of message and web hosting solutions.

DIR technology procurement contracts have been of great value to TSBP, and it would be difficult for an agency on its own to negotiate the aggregate discounts present in these contracts. Utilizing these contracts has increased the agency’s technology purchasing power.

Texas Workforce Commission

TWC currently leverages several DIR-managed services contracts and strategies to meet end-user needs including enterprise software licensing, leasing procurement strategies, and managed seat and network services. TWC is now considering strengthening its end-user output management through managed document services, with possible implementation in the next printer refresh. TWC is also considering the cost and benefits of moving to a virtualized desktop model for its upcoming computer refresh.

Texas Youth Commission

TYC is an active participant in use of DIR’s contracts and procurement, and is a willing partner in efforts to expand the portfolio of services.

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