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Standards Review and Recommendation Publication 

SRRPUB01 – Statewide Network Standards


Revised August 28, 2002 Version 2.5

The Department of Information Resources (DIR) issues Standards Review and Recommendations Publications (SRRPUB) as guidelines for Texas state agencies and institutions of higher education. This version of the guideline is issued to document the Statewide Network Standards. The initial version of this guideline was published in 1993. The basic material was also included in the Architecture Framework for Information Resources Management (AFIRM). Appendix C of the AFIRM included the Internet Protocol Suite Assessment that addressed Transition Guidance: "TCP/IP Protocol Suite as a Network Transition Tool," September 10, 1993 Version 2. This was followed by the adopton of a rule under the Texas Administrative Code (TAC).

The rule required that all networks that span more than one non-adjacent building, or interconnect more than one agency must adhere to the following.

(A) If the network is in existence at the time this rule is adopted, the network must become compliant with subparagraph (B) of this paragraph by August 31, 2001.

(B) All new networks, all extensions to existing networks and all networks undergoing substantial change must adhere to the TCP/IP standards as listed in the most recent Request for Comments (RFC) as international standards promulgated by the Internet Society.

(C) Agencies may not install new networks or extensions to existing networks where such installation or extension duplicatesexisting state owned network routing that complies with subparagraph (B) of this paragraph. Agencies must cooperate to share existing facilities; expanding them if necessary.

In June 2002 the old rule was withdrawn.