Statewide Information Security Advisory Committee (SISAC)

If you would like to play an active role in defining the future of cybersecurity in Texas, DIR welcomes your participation on the Statewide Information Security Advisory Committee (SISAC). SISAC aims to cross-pollinate ideas and best practices among its members and make recommendations to DIR for more effective information security operations.

The committee, chartered by DIR in 2011, is made up of information security professionals from state and local government. Membership also includes personnel from various divisions including information technology and legal.

SISAC convenes monthly and is led by the Chief Information Security Officer for the State of Texas. The executive sponsor of SISAC is the Deputy Executive Director.

Members may contribute by participating on a SISAC team. These workgroups meet on a monthly basis:

  • Communications Subcommittee - Helps provide communication to the agencies about the progress of the DIR statewide security program and associated events. Additionally, the subcommittee helps evaluate feedback from the agencies.
  • Privacy Subcommittee - Facilitates collaboration with agency personnel responsible for privacy policy functions associated with the protection of citizen privacy and developing privacy incident response procedures.
  • Solutions Subcommittee - Evaluates solutions to common problems and shares best practices among agencies.
  • Risk Assessment Subcommittee - Helps define the state's risk assessment methodology for the consistent evaluation of risks within state agencies.
  • Policy Subcommittee - Helps define the state's security policy through the development of rules, standards, policies, and guidelines.
  • Security Workforce Development - Prime directive is to study security workforce issues and advise SISAC on recommendations to enhance the state's security workforce.

If you are interested in participating please contact

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