Domain Name Exception Process

If the requested domain name is not consistent with {agencyacronym} or {agency}, it is considered an exception to the established naming convention outlined in the Internet and Email Domain Management Policy - PDF (290 KB)​

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The Domain Name Exception ​Process is used to research the requested domain name and determine if the name represents the agency or agency mission. The process also allows agencies the opportunity to justify the request for a name that does not align with the established naming convention.

NOTE: There are no exceptions to the county domain name convention. ​

How the Process Works

When DIR receives a request for a domain name that does not meet the established naming convention:

  • DIR notifies the requesting agency within five business days that the domain name is classified as an exception.
  • In accordance with the quarterly schedule, DIR will review and research the domain name to determine whether it:
    • ​​Is suitable for its intended purpose
    • Is singularly unique
    • Does not present a potential conflict with other agency programs or services
    • Is recognizable by the public​​​
  • If the requested domain name successfully meets this criteria, DIR will notify the agency that the name has been approved for use​.
  • If the requested domain name does not meet this criteria​:
    • ​DIR will notify the agency that the name will be posted for agency review and comment
    • DIR will post the name to the Domain Name Exceptions under Review​​ page for 15 days so that the agency IRM or authorized designee may provide the agency’s justification for a name exception
    • DIR will review the agency IRM’s response/comments
    • DIR will notify the agency to confirm if the name is authorized for agency use​

State agencies should email responses/justification​ to DIR. DIR will notify the agency of the outcome according to the authorization schedule below.​

Quarterly Domain Name Exception Review Schedule

​Domain name reservation form submitted by:

​N​​​​otification of decision via email (no later than):

​Q1 - September 15​Q1 - November 15
​Q2 - December 15​Q2 - February 15
​Q3 - March 15​Q3 - May 15
​Q4 - June 15​​Q4 - August 15

Domain name exceptions must be submitted by the 15th of the first month of the quarter (or next business day if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday). Names submitted after the deadline will be considered the following quarter.

Upon receipt, DIR will notify you that your requested domain name has been posted to the Domain Name Exceptions under Review​ page. Your IRM will then have 15 days to provide your agency’s justification for a name exception.​​