EIR Accessibility

​Electronic and Information Resources (EIR) accessibility means providing electronic information and services through multiple ways so that communication is not contingent on a single sense or ability. An example is a video presentation that also includes closed captioning, which enables accessibility for hearing-impaired individuals.

EIR accessibility is a responsibility shared by Texas state agencies and institutions of higher education. Thanks to innovative word cloud displaying accessibility conceptstechnologies such as screen readers, text magnifiers, and speech recognition software, providing access to the four million Texans with disabilities is more attainable than ever before. Yet, compliance can still be challenging.

The role of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) is to provide leadership, governance, and oversight in the area of EIR accessibility. We educate state agencies and institutions of higher education about accessibility requirements, point them to tools and resources that can help, collaborate on ideas for future solutions, and support agencies’ efforts to make Texas government information and services accessible to everyone. DIR is also responsible for EIR accessibility-related rulemaking.

This site offers a wide range of accessibility-related information, including a list of resources such as online tutorials and developer tools, and information for State Agency Accessibility Coordinators.


State agencies and institutions of higher education are required to comply with Texas EIR Accessibility statutes and rules to provide accessibility.

  • TGC 2054.451, enacted in 2005, requires that all state agencies and institutions of higher education, provide state employees and members of the public access to and use of electronic information resources.
  • 1 TAC 206, aligns state web accessibility standards with the federal regulations set forth in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
  • 1 TAC 213 enacted state standards for procurement, development, or usage of EIR for people with disabilities and also aligns accessibility standards with the federal regulations set forth in Section 508.

Reporting Compliance Issues

Persons having difficulty accessing electronic information on a state website should contact the specific agency hosting the website.

Statewide EIR Accessibility Program Director 

The Statewide EIR Accessibility Program Director resides at DIR. Contact the Statewide Accessibility Program Director, via email.