Register a Domain Name for a County

Using a domain name a​ssures citizens that your domain represents an official, trusted Texas county.​ The standard naming convention is {countynamecounty}.tex​ (i.e., or

Step 1. Submit a Domain Name R​​equest

Your request must be made on county letterhead and must be signed by a county judge​ or other county commission authorized designee. To simplify the process, we’ve created a County Domain Name Request Template in two formats: 

Information about file formats

Submit your request in one of the three ways listed below. DIR will contact you to confirm receipt of your domain name request. 

Scan your sig​​ned document and email to: 
Domain Name Registrar

Fax to:
Texas Department of Information Resources ​
Attention: Domain Name Registrar

Mail to:
Texas Department of Information Resources
Attention: Domain Name Registrar
P.O. Box 13564
Austin, TX 78711-3564​

DIR will notify you when your new domain name is approved.

Step 2. Activate Your Domain

​To make your approved domain name visible on the Internet:

  • Email the DIR technical team​​​ and request activation.
  • Within five business days, DIR will contact you to complete the testing and activation. 

Have questions? Email the Domain Name Registrar​​ for more information.